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A highly specialized product typically excels at one specific task. As a general rule, when you ask this component to perform a wider variety of functions, it cannot accomplish any one of them as well as if it had a singular focus. We see this when talking about tires - if you want the fastest possible lap time around a race track, choose a Racetrack & Autocross Only tire. Need that tire to achieve some level of wet traction or the ability to drive you to and from the track? A Streetable Track & Competition tire can do those things, but your lap times won't be quite as fast. And what if you need a greater level of wet grip and would like to get maybe 12,000 miles out of your tires? An Extreme Performance Summer tire fits the bill, but you're looking at another step backward for track performance. Now, you say you need excellent hydroplaning resistance and want to shoot for 20,000 miles or more? A Max Performance Summer or Ultra High Performance Summer tire can accomplish those tasks, but they're not intended for track use. What if you need these tires to get you to work on a snowy day, too? It's easy to see where this is headed.